Pricing & Packages

HADO AR Sport World Cup Qualifier

What can we do for you?

Our simplistic setup allows us to be very mobile. We offer the following onsite/offsite (suitable air-conditioned venue is required):

  • Corporate Team building events (We can host up to 60 pax at our venue over a 3 to 4 hour team bonding experience. We can host our AR offering at the venue of your choice, pending a site survey)
  • Educational Augmented Reality (AR) Learning Journey
  • Private parties (not restrictive to kids only!)
  • Carnivals (e.g. SportsHub Community Play Day, SAFRA, HomeTeam, Singapore River Festival)
  • Pop-ups in retail malls (e.g. Kallang Wave Mall)
  • Fun High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 1-hour program (Attention to all Personal Trainers! Host your program with us at our venue!!)
  • AR Dodgeball competitions! Check us out for our calendar roadmap for our competitions!!

We like to hear from you. Do contact us for more details! You can also follow us at Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hadosingapore or Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/hadosingapore to stay up-to-date all the updates and events we have done!

HADO Players & Fitness Community Exclusive

Interested to be a HADO player, join our community and take part in our monthly & Cup competitions? Sign up for our 1-hour AR Sport program and be trained by our HADO players! We conduct Fun HIIT program on ClassPass too, click the link below to find out!

Telegram: http://bit.ly/hadosg-telegram


Experience All package

As the name implies, head over to our venue to experience Singapore’s first Augmented Reality (AR) eSport games. We offer all the games, namely:

  • HADO AR Dodgeball Player vs. Player (PvP)
  • HADO Monster Battle
  • HADO Shoot

Private Party Package

We provide a 2-hour or 3-hour free of use at our venue so both kids and adults can have fun with all our AR offerings: HADO Shoot, HADO Monster Battle and AR Dodgeball. Refreshments and deserts can be arranged. (We do offer customised parties outside our venue at suitable air-conditioned venues. Do contact us for details)

Unlimited HADO AR Dodgeball PvP Workout

Bring along your friends or colleagues for unlimited play at the HADO Digital Dodgeball Player vs Player (PvP) arena for an hour. Ever have that ‘animosity’ or love-hate relationship with your friends or colleagues, here’s your chance to outwit them and says ‘Who’s the boss now?’.

Note: You can bring as many friends you want for an hour but there can only be up to 6 players per game (3 vs. 3). Each game is an intense 80 second where everyone is expected to move around and have fun! You get to play at least 12 rounds in an hour!

Corporate Team Building Package

Our venue can accommodate up to 50 pax over a 3 hour team bonding experience. The duration of the team building activity varies with the turnout. For instance, it will take about 1.5 hour for about 12 – 15 pax. You can also book us for the entire day with business meetings in the morning!

In comparison with the Experience All package, where there will only be one staff to manage the venue during normal operations, we will do up a fun-filled team building program for you with more resource to facilitate and value-added service! Leave the program curation to us for a hassle-free experience! For the turnout size beyond our venue’s capacity, please contact us here!

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