Inclusive Sports Festival 2019 | 1 – 4 August | Our Tampines Hub

August 1, 2019 @ 10:00 am – August 4, 2019 @ 6:00 pm Asia/Singapore Timezone

For the first time this year, HADO Singapore is proud to be part of Sport Singapore’s Inclusive Sport Festival from 1 – 4 August at Our Tampines Hub. We will be camped at Community Auditorium. Head over to experience the next generation of eSport that is all inclusive for everyone! For more information, check here: https://events.myactivesg.com/getactive2019/inclusive-sports-festival

Operating hours:

1 – 4 Aug, 10am – 6pm daily

What is HADO?

Powered by Japan Technology, HADO is the first non-sedentary esport using Augmented Reality (not VR) Technology to promote Exergaming (Exercise + Gaming). Just like real-life sports and unlike VR games, players don’t need to be connected by cables and restricted to being in front of a screen. There’s physical movement involved in this alternative lifestyle team sports that allows anyone from all walks of life to exercise and have fun together.

The Exergaming activity with AR Dodgeball offers a brand-new sports experience, merging AR and dodgeball seamlessly. With teams in group of 3, one can discuss team strategy and work together in a short duration session. The AR Sport allows them to shoot out energy balls, move and work out at the same time. One round of AR dodgeball is only 80 seconds but it will get your heart pumping, perspiration running down your face. It may seems tiring, you will still have fun with your family or friends in the end!

How do you play the AR dodgeball? Have a look at the video tutorial below. 3 simple actions with your motion sensing wristbands. Charge, Shield and Fire! Where you look is where you aim, aim through your white target area at the 4 life petals of your opponents. Once all 4 life petal of your opponent player is down, you get a point for your team! But don’t stand still (you are not bounded by cables like VR games), it’s a dodgeball sport though you won’t get hit physically. Your life petals follow you when you move, squat or jump (if you want! sic) so move around and talk to your team mates to craft a strategy (who will be a sniper, tanker (with strong shields) etc)

The next generation of eSport, non-sedentary Exergaming is here. Using Augmented Reality Technology to create a sport, don AR goggle and a motion sensor, you ready of AR Sport ? 😎