Event Highlights

It was a fun-filled event for Yakun Kaya Toast when thirty of them came over to HADO Singapore concept store for their team building session. It was a carnival setup where everyone, young and old get to experience HADO AR Techno Sports for the very first time, starting from HADO Shoot and Monster Battle in teams of 3 person. When all that was done, everyone got together in the HADO PvP tournament battle to exercise, run around and shoot out cannonballs.

Fifteen of them from Glaxo Smith Kline (or GSK)’s vaccines department came over to HADO Singapore to experience HADO in carnival style. We broke them up into five teams of three, got their name list before they came over and form these teams up in a random fashion. There were lots of laughers all round, livening up the entire concept store but they were competitive at the same time. Points were tabulated from their team’s involvement in our HADO AR Techno Sports game where they defeat the cute little mushrooms and rabbits in HADO Shoot while sabotaging the other team’s representative to get the highest point; work together as a team to defeat the monsters in HADO Monster Battle; and finally outwit the other team by strategising their team play in the HADO PvP 3 vs. 3 battle. Glad they had fun!

“We had our corporate team building event at HADO Singapore. For almost all the colleagues, this is their first time trying out AR. It was an awesome experience and everyone had a great time and lots of fun!” Winnie Oh, Accounts Manager

Twenty-six of AMPED Trampoline Park professional jumpers ‘dropped’ by HADO Singapore concept store for their team building event. They were super fun and engaging throughout the entire team activities. Apart from the program that we have panned out for them, we provided certification of participation, winning prizes for the first, second and third placed team to make the entire experience more enjoyable. The organising committee team from AMPED Sports top it up with a Santa hat for their colleagues too!

“HADO Singapore hosted the AMPED family at their Scape outlet and everyone had a blast! The staff working at the venue were so helpful with everything. From ensuring that everyone knew exactly how to play the game and use the equipment to providing us with certificates of participation. Every detail did not go unnoticed and it definitely added to the joyous mood. HADO also provided us with HADO game prizes and even helped us conduct a prize giving ceremony.” Pearl Wee, Assistant Manager

Varsity students from NTU C3 club came over to have a go and realise their dreams of shooting out cannonballs from their hands, just like how Ken, Ryu from Street Fighter and Goku from Dragonball did those in an Augmented world; doing that in a real-world environment! Handshakes were exchanged in a jovial manner when they got into the HADO PvP battle playing field but it was not the same when they unleashed their prowess and competitiveness in them the moment the PvP sport commenced. This is what we like to see, an alternative lifestyle sport that everyone can get together in a team sport, bond, communicate with each other and exercise while having fun!

“First and foremost, my compliments for sending such a great team of facilitators for our event. Their professionalism enabled the event to run smoothly and allowed the participants to enjoyed themselves.” Tan Yong Jie, Events Director

This was the second HADO World Cup Meleap had organised in Tokyo and it was a roaring success. It was the first time representatives from Malaysia and Vietnam sent their team over to join the Japanese in this AR Techno Sports event. Looking forward to the HADO World Cup 2018 where delegates from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Spain, US and many more along with the Japanese will battle it out, while we attempt to bring this to the Olympics stage in the near future as a new vertical in eSports!

We brought the HADO experience mobile to SAFRA Yishun for the festive lights event. Parents and kids alike bond together to have a go by quashing the cute little mushrooms and rabbits in HADO Shoot and team up together to defeat the monsters in HADO Monster Battle.

Teachers from Boon Lay Secondary School Audio Visual Aid (AVA) CCA club brought their students to HADO Singapore concept store for a learning journey and experience with the use of the latest Augmented Reality (AR) Technology. A brief tutorial was conducted to talk about the technology we have today, how different AR is different from VR and why we bring this Techno Sports into Singapore.

“We are happy with how things turned out. You have been awesome with the students. You explained in detail about AR technology and share tips on how to use the equipment better. It was great meeting you and we hope we get to collaborate together at some point. Thank you to you and your team!” Miss Faza

We organised the first birthday party since we opened our concept store in late October and it was such a fun-filled event! Kayla brought her friends and their parents from Creative O pre-school to experience the first Augmented Reality (AR) Techno Sports from Japan.

“This is a fantastic platform for us parents to mingle together with our kids. We have a very different perception of the word ‘game’ with HADO since this is more than just a game if you think about it. I get to talk to my daughter and have fun together rather than sitting on one side and watch her play.” Yenn, parent