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Check out our consumer walk-in price package on the left.

For corporate team building events at our concept store , there will be a program cost involved for organising the fun-filled event. Do contact us for more information!

We offer the following packages for online booking and payment. To avoid possible queue by walk-in customers, please try to arrive 10 – 15 minutes before your confirmed timeslot.

Experience All (EA) package

As the name implies, head over to our concept store to experience Singapore’s first Augmented Reality (AR) Exergaming offerings. We offer the following, namely: HADO AR Dodgeball Player vs. Player (PvP), HADO Monster Battle, HADO Shoot. If you want to speak to a person, simply contact us at: (65) 6634 4668!

Unlimited HADO AR Dodgeball PvP Workout

Bring along your friends or colleagues for unlimited play at the HADO AR Dodgeball Player vs Player arena for an hour. Ever have that ‘animosity’ or love-hate relationship with your friends or colleagues, here’s your chance to outwit them and says ‘Who’s the boss now?’. Note: You can bring as many friends you want for an hour but there can only be up to 6 players per game (3 vs. 3). Each game is an intense 80 second where everyone is expected to move around and have fun!

Birthday party

We provide a 2-hour or 3-hour free of use at our concept store so both kids and adults can have fun with all our AR offerings. (We do offer customized parties outside our concept store. Do contact us for details)