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Terms & Conditions

We are constantly striving to improve our customer engagement on our website. Kindly refrain from abusing the system, by understanding and abiding the following:

  1. We offer ‘General’ & ‘Student’ pricing in the case of ‘Experience All’ package. Students will need to present their student passes upon arrival
  2. Our off-peak and peak is defined as:
    • Off-peak: Monday to Thursday, excluding Public Holidays
    • Peak: Friday to Sunday, including Public Holidays
  3. Please choose the correct peak or off-peak sessions.
    • Suppose you have made an online booking payment for an off-peak session but it is booked under a peak session on a weekend, you will need to make the additional payment when you arrive
    • There will be no refund if the sessions are wrongly chosen the other way round. i.e. You have made an online booking payment for a peak session but it is booked for an off-peak session
  4. HADO Singapore reserves the right to refuse a refund in the event of no-show. No cancellation will be accepted. We may however allow to change to another booking schedule, pending availability of the revised date and under circumstances that we deemed acceptable

All our AR offerings are short duration gameplay. It will not take more than five minutes to complete one round of either: HADO Shoot, HADO Monster Battle or HADO AR Dodgeball. There are up to four persons that can play at the same time in HADO Shoot or HADO Monster Battle, and up to six persons for HADO AR Dodgeball. Our Game Masters on duty will assist to facilitate the entire experience with you and/or your group. You can also come in pairs to have fun with our HADO AR Dodgeball in a one versus one manner, or with our Game Masters.

Experience All (EA) package includes: One round of HADO Shoot; One round of HADO Monster Battle; & Two rounds of HADO AR Dodgeball.